Dental Tourism

Denth Tourism is a program designed for our foreign patients. We offer all kinds of dental treatments – surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, general dentistry – radiology and dental laboratory, all under the same roof. Thereby, a city-break in Cluj-Napoca can restore your smile and oral health. The accommodation and transport from and to the airport will be provided by the Denth Team, in order that everything will go easy for you.

All you have to do is to follow the next steps, and we will come back to you as quickly as possible.

  • 1

    Radiography and contact form

    What you have to do

    Please email us a copy of a recent panoramic radiography (OPG) and complete the contact form below.

  • What we do

    After analyzing them carefully, we will create an estimated treatment plan to fulfill your needs. The exact situation of your oral health will be obtained only after a direct consultation, therefore, your initial treatment plan and cost might be slightly modified.

  • 2

    Treatment plan confirmation

    If you have any question or concern regarding the treatment plan, please send us an email or call the contact number provided. If you decide to accept the treatment, please let us know.

  • After you confirm our treatment plan, together we will set the dates of your trip to Cluj-Napoca. The person responsible with Denth Tourism will contact you to establish all the details regarding accommodation and transport, and will be at your service for any question.

  • 3

    Arrival in Cluj-Napoca

    One of our crew members will meet you at the airport, and he will drive you to your hotel. We will put a telephone at your disposal in order to facilitate our communication, and you will receive all the details needed to visit the city.

  • 4

    The treatment

    The first consultation will tell us if there is any change that has to be made in the initial treatment plan. A direct consultation is absolutely essential for determining the status of your oral health, and if needed, we will recalculate the final cost of the treatment.

  • After the initial consultation, we will establish the timeline of your treatment sessions. Your comfort is our priority and we will make sure you won’t feel overwhelmed by the dental procedures.

  • 5

    Going home

    An annual control is recommended, which can be made in Cluj-Napoca or in your country.

  • Finally, you will be given all the information and advice needed to maintain a good oral health.

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